Over the course of three years, Ablenoise Studio has grown into one of the most respectable names in the audio niche. Through more than 200 successful collaborations, we have evolved into a network of talented experts with relevant know-how in the fields of audio post-production, audio restoration, and sound design.

Today, Ablenoise Studio delivers exceptional services to clients from all over the world. We have worked with businesses and individuals from dozens of niches, including marketing agencies, video producers, online course creators, eBook publishers and podcast authors. This huge experience helps our sound engineers to cater to every client and provide them with perfectly customized audio improvements. Whether you are recording a brand new audio or editing the existing one, with Ablenoise Studio, the result is always consistent. It is a product that corresponds to the highest professional standards, and above all, your needs and wishes.

For our projects, we use professional equipment and a high-end software, and by doing the whole process in-house, we save our clients’ time and money and keep our work transparent. We have tools and resources for projects of all sizes, from simple audio editing tasks to complete audio post production for independent movies, audio books, podcasts, commercials, and animations.

Ablenoise Studio was founded by Srdan Durden, an experienced audio engineer, and sound designer. Throughout his career, Srdan has always strived to set the bar a little bit higher. That is why he has decided to build a new studio from scratch and present his clients with a perfect scope of audio post production services. With more than a decade of prior experience in the industry, he nurtures the highest level of professionalism, reliability and work ethics. The most important principles and client approach of the Ablenoise Studio are summed up in Srdan’s favorite saying:

‘’A project is only complete, when the client is 100% satisfied’’



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If you’re in search of a professional sound and you are still wondering how Ablenoise Studio can improve the quality of your recording, contact us to find out more about the benefits our services bring.