Audio Post Production

The audio quality often defines the way viewers experience your video. Top quality audio helps viewers to understand your message and improves the engagement of any type of video content. The audio post production is a complex process, which improves your recordings, combines them and gives a final touch to your video. The advanced use of audio post production tools and methods will turn an average commercial, podcast, audiobook, Facebook video or a short film into a high-quality professional product.

If you just want to impress your social media audience with a great sound, or if you are professional video producer who’s looking for a reliable partner to outsource the audio post production tasks, Ablenoise Studio has got you covered!

We provide the full package audio post production services, as well as the list of smaller, more specific tasks that closely follow the needs and wishes of our diverse clients.

Our audio post production offer is customized for many different audio and video forms, including:

Independent movies

Some videos and budget movies feature great camera work, but their audio is so bad that it easily takes your attention away from the story. Sometimes a poor audio quality forces you to turn the sound down, or even to stop watching the movie altogether. In videos, movies and TV shows, picture and audio combination should be a meaningful and well-balanced whole. A bad audio can ruin the harmony and completely disrupt the movie experience. That is why movie producers should never settle for less when it comes to audio post production.

Ablenoise Studio collaborates with dozens of talented and independent movie producers, and we have a huge experience in crafting high-quality movie audio. We provide the complete audio post production process for short and independent movies, which includes production dialogue editing, automated dialogues replacement (ADR), editing and mixing sound effects, foley and music, and creating the final mix.

Check out this dynamic fight scene, to see how Hollywood-style audio post production, provided by Ablenoise Studio, can bring your movie to life.

Promotional videos

Video is the hottest type of marketing content at the moment. If you want to spread your company’s message far and wide, use the benefits of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube video advertising. Short promotional videos can be effective only if they are equipped with a professional-sounding audio. Ablenoise Studio provides audio post production services customized for the needs of video marketing agencies. To make your commercials more memorable, we will add sound effects and perfectly synchronize them with the video content.

The best way to see the benefits of our services, compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ versions of this commercial.


Podcast can be a very powerful marketing tool. If you want to improve its popularity, you’ll need to conduct interviews with influencers from your niche. Ablenoise engineers will clean and improve the sound of both sides of your recording, the host’s and guest’s, and mix them into one. We can create an intro and outro for your show by mixing voice over and audio jingles, and make your podcast more interesting by adding sound effects. Also, if you want to insert a commercial break and cash-in your popularity, we will make sure promotional messages perfectly fit into your recording.

If you want to hear all the great features that we are talking about, check out these four highly successful shows we are regularly working on.

The Therapist Experience

The Therapist Experience

The Serial Killer Podcast 

The Serial Killer Podcast

The Conversation Factory

The Conversation Factory




Big online publishers and markets like Audible Inc. and ACX are the best places for promoting and selling your audiobook. If you want to upload your product to one of these platforms, it needs to satisfy a list of technical requirements. These usually include:

  • Consistent sound and formatting;
  • Opening and closing credits;
  • The audiobook needs to be compromised of all mono or all stereo files;
  • It should include a retail sample that is between one and five minutes long;
  • The audio should be 192 kbps or higher mp3 with constant bit rate at 44,1 Hz;
  • There should be a room tone at the head and the tail of the recording;
  • The file shouldn’t have extraneous sounds;
  • It should be measured between -23 dB and –18dB RMS, with -3dB peak values and maximum of -60dB noise floor;

Ablenoise Studio will adjust your recording so it can satisfy the requirements of the biggest audiobook publishers and markets. We will also help you to impress your fans and listeners with a professional-sounding recording that makes your audiobook more appealing to the targeted audience.

These are the examples of high-selling audiobooks, produced by Ablenoise Studio that satisfy all the ACX and Audible requirements.

Risk Up Front: Managing Projects in a Complex World

Revivify Your Home: Take Control of Your Home…

13 Teams: One Man’s Journey with the WNBA

The Gospel as Revealed to Me: Volume 1-10

Online Courses

Apart from offering great learning opportunities, websites like Udemy allow users to create their courses and earn money by sharing their knowledge. Good audio is critical for successful learning. You might be a great teacher, who can create an incredibly engaging course, but it would all fall apart if your lectures feature a poor quality audio. Ablenoise Studio can make your courses more effective by improving your recorded lessons. Professional editing, synchronizing and mixing will eliminate distractions and allow students to focus on your teaching.

Take a look at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ version of the work we provided for our client.