Sound Design

Sound designers mix dialogue, music, and sound effects to create unique audio for movies, commercials, theater plays, television and video games. This trade is as old as the sound movie itself, but the sound design work had been done by various other audio experts and specialists before Francis Ford Coppola, Now movie added a professional sound designer to a the Apocalypse Now movie crew. Walter Mirch, the Apocalypse Now Sound Designer, won an Academy Award for the Best Sound Mixing, which has launched him and the sound design process to Hollywood stardom.

If you google ’sound design,’ you will find the results that mainly deal with professional film making, music, and television. Still, this process is required for many other video projects. If you are an experienced video producer or you want to create a DIY commercial for your small business, you will need a professional sound designer, who will pick the recordings, effects, and music, edit them and conduct the final mix, in order to create a nice-sounding audio that will enhance the video experience.

Do you know what foley is? It’s a common term for ambient sounds in movies, plays, and commercials, which are custom created by specialized foley artists. Without these background noises, improve the movies would sound unnatural and unconvincing. Also, there’s no way that a commercial video with an unprofessional sound will attract new customers and improve the brand’s reputation.

Ablenoise Studio provides a wide variety of sound design services, from adding sound effects to your video to mixing dialogues, music, foley and other types of sound effects.

Our portfolio is filled with highly creative artistic and commercial projects, including:

Short and independent movies

The professional sound gives your movie a Hollywood feel. We can achieve it by creating and adding custom sound effects and foly and mixing it with dialogues and music. Ablenoise Studio has a long and fruitful collaboration with dozens of independent movie makers, and we are always glad when we have the chance to help a talented movie producer and provide them with a perfectly mixed audio. Check out the samples of our previous work bellow, to find out why so many independent filmmakers are deciding to improve their movie audio with professional sound design services.


Ablenoise Studio cooperates with many talented animators. Professional video producers and editors, often use animations to tell their storyin a more visual and compelling way. From the entrepreneurs’ point of view, sharing custom made animations on social media or Google AdWords, will help you to attract new clients, improve customer trust and increase your brand’s fan base. Like any other video files, animations also require professional sound design. Ablenoise Studio’s sound design services can emphasize the important parts of your video and keep your clients engaged to the very end, with the help of custom made sound effects. The sample videos we have shared bellow will show you how carefully designed sound can bring your animations to life.


Hiring Ablenoise Studio sound designers will make your commercials attractive and professional. Video marketing is an incredibly dynamic field, and the high-quality video and audio recordings alone can’t spread your message in the right way. Hiring sound designers, who will invest their time and experience in creating and adding effects to your commercials, will help you to influence more consumers, improve the reputation of your brand and spread its message far and wide. So, stop producing unconvincing promotional videos and impress your audience with high-quality audio that will show off all the creativity and work that stands behind your brand name.

Watch these examples of the work we have provided and see for yourself how our sound design services can make your videos authentic.